by Little Grey Girlfriend

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Again, Little Grey Girlfriend proves to be creating well-crafted material, without being boxed in by the imaginary boundaries of current musical genres. Green-Wood takes band leaders Erika Lloyd and Brad Whiteley back to their electronic beginnings, with detailed drum programming and layers of digital sound. It is also noticeably more rock oriented with the addition of guitarist, Cameron Mizell, and the switch from acoustic to synth bass. Erika Lloyd’s powerful vocals demonstrate even further her signature range of flexibility and style. In “Nothing” she is at her most natural and vulnerable sound, putting all tricks aside to sing from her heart.

Instead of using fantasy to escape inequality, unrequited love, and suffering, the lyrics are more direct in expressing these observations and living within them. Green-Wood is named after the well-known Brooklyn cemetery Erika and Brad look out on from their bedroom window. Not that this album is about death, it is more about acknowledging the truth of one’s situation, whether in acceptance and appreciation or in a fight for change.


released May 15, 2010

All music and lyrics by Erika Lloyd
*Dance On and This is the Hand, music by Erika Lloyd & Brad Whiteley

Vocals, Piano, Drum Programming: Erika Lloyd
Piano, Synth, Drum Programming: Brad Whiteley
Guitar: Cameron Mizell
Cello: Caleigh Drane
Album Artwork: Erika Lloyd


all rights reserved



Little Grey Girlfriend Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Fulfill
I’ll give you what you want tonight,
Take it or leave it.
Your body has to haunt its right
To get back some feeling.
But, how can I fulfill
What wasn’t there to begin with?

Oh, I’ll sell my soul.
Sell my soul,
And then what’s next?

Something isn’t right here.
Track Name: Dance On
You dance on by
Brush by my side
It’s only life
You feel alright
You numbed your mind
So row the tide
You’re looking

Something’s on the floor
Unfolding like a flower
You better pick her up
To make the wilting stop
Another bleeding heart
Disillusioned child
But her body’s moving
In time
Track Name: This is the Hand
This is the hand
That strips, and builds, and colors, and plays.

This is the hand
That cleans the day.

This one
Moves, and believes, and sways.

This shuts the book,
When he’s home again.
Track Name: Miss January
Ooh I’ll get pretty,
Ooh I’ll get skinny,
Then I’ll be something to see.
Because, ooh the wall
Ooh is all
I can get to listen to me.

Thank you Miss January.

Jack of all
Queen of none
Come and pile it on
What I’m doing wrong.
Another year is gone.
If I don’t know what I want,
How can I get it?

This white sky
I can barley see.
Is this happening?
Stuck in disbelief.
Looking back I see…

Ooh I’ll get dollars.
Ooh I’ll get colors
To look like I’m something unique.
Ooh I’ll take lessons.
Ooh I’ll take sessions
To be something better than me.
Track Name: Nothing
Looking up,
Little Darling rubs his eyes.
Oh God…
Sees dandelions, advertised,
Pictures of blue skies.
Oh God…

Darling rides the trains
And his mother uses him as a cardboard sign.
Oh God…

And I say

My shift is done
Serving ladies in white gloves.
Oh God…
The pockets stuffed,
Of my waiter’s tux.
Oh God…

Back on the street,
Count 29 asleep:
People on the steps of St. Francis.
Oh God…

And I say

Home in bed,
Drifting off again,
Oh God…
Eyes opened,
By noises overhead.
Oh God…

At 3 AM.
You couldn’t imagine
The awful things
That he says.
Oh God…

And I say
Track Name: Shock Value
These days
Shock value
Is more than what it’s worth,
More than what it’s worth.
Craved fame
For dinner, didn’t you?
To be followed by your crew,
Plastered on the news.
If it’s what I have to do,
I’ll do it.
I’ll do it.

Does that make it right?
Do you know?
Can you tell me?
If it’s part of the feeling,
Bending the meaning:
Desperation is art.

How can I survive
In a world that won’t love me,
As much as I need?
We’re all crazy.
We’re all one.

These days
I’ll show you
What you want me to be.
I’ll give you anything.
Crave fame
Every second needs a show,
Always playing spectacles.
If it’s where I have to go,
I’ll do it.
I’ll do it.

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